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About us



I am a mother, puppeteer, and actor. Two words resonate in my head - practise and present. Some people have a law practise or a yoga practise- perhaps life itself is a practise. A few years ago, I began writing a blog which helped me to define my practise- in life and in work as an artist. Then it evolved to include an e-book and puppet videos for loved ones during the pandemic. All of this has served to steer me towards trying to be more present. And so, Girl Friday Creations was born.

Izzy flowers.JPG


Born in Saskatoon, Izzy has traveled all over Canada meeting children and the young at heart! She loves long walks in the snow and is an avid reader. Her favourite book is The BFG by Roald Dahl. She would love to sing you a song or teach you more about the importance of wearing masks.

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Ivan is a proud Canadian puppet who also considers himself a citizen of the world! He loves to put on a show, and enjoys nothing more than making people laugh. Give him a chance and he'll tell you jokes all day long. He would very much like to wish you a happy birthday, or wax poetic about the importance of voting.

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Originally from outer-space, Merle is thrilled to now call Saskatoon home. They may not have very good depth perception, but you look great to them! Merle loves to make observations about humans and earth, and finds both an endless source of humour!

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Hailing from a comet that crashed into earth, Phil has finally settled down in the Saskatchewan prairies. Phil often refers to himself as a linguist because he loves linguine. That joke always goes over well except when in the company of the gluten free. Phil’s most favourite thing is the northern lights which remind him of home.

Girl Friday Creations

With a last name like Friday, I have gone my whole life hearing day of the week jokes or TGIF. I never minded. I’ve always loved my last name. Girl Friday has many meanings but the ones that this girl here represents are that of an indispensable role and a right-hand person. I have made a career out of Creating - through acting, singing, puppeteering, puppet building, writing, art journaling, and most recently illustrating.


My intention with my Girl Friday Creations is to be an Artist who supports the health of the mind, heart, and soul.. To create experiences through art that help others and brighten their spirits - whether that be reading a story about courage, laughing at a goofy puppet video, or helping others express themselves creatively. This is what I hope to bring to the clients and customers I serve, and I believe we need it now more than ever.

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