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Holiday Messages

Send a memorable Holiday Message to the people you love!

Personalized Holiday

Puppet Videos

Single Recipient  $30 CAD

Send a message for 6 holidays throughout the year

OR choose ONE holiday and send it to several different people

Message is 3-5 minutes in length

Choose from a selection of holidays

$150 CAD ($25/video)

Subscribe to a Holiday Package

How to be a puppeteer Tutorial

Videos will be delivered on a pre-determined schedule.

(Includes brief trailer for Christmas morning)

4 videos - Standard - $100 CAD

4 videos - Personalized - $125 CAD

Monthly Subscription

Send someone a message once a month for a year

A recipient or household receives a 3 min video every month

Each month there is a 

joke of the month

an activity prompt (like, "Go outside and build a snowman!")

Standard: $180 CAD ($15/video)   Personalized: $240 CAD ($20/video)

Birthday Messages

Send a personalized message to someone on their special day!

Message is 3-5 minutes in length

Will include:

A joke!

A song!

Specific details about the birthday person

$45 CAD

Special Occasion  Messages
(anniversary, baby announcement, wedding, graduation, retirement, just sayin hello etc)

Mark a special occasion by sending a personalized message!

Message is 3-5 minutes in length

Will include:

A joke!

A song!

Specific details about the person and event

$45 CAD

Instructional videos to assist teachers

A great and FUN way to teach students on an assortment of things from how to keep their hands clean and properly wear a mask clean up a messy project, 

and life lessons such as dealing with bullying and building healthy friendships - the possibilities are endless!

Email us directly to discuss your needs.

Holiday package
Puppeteer Tutorial
Monthly subscriptions
Birthday Message
Special Occasion
Instructional videos
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