Through the Woods of Life


with music and narration

$25 CAD

When things shut down due to covid, I knew that I needed something meaningful to do. I knew that if I let myself, my mind would wallow in the shadows of fear.

Written & Illustrated by: Kristi Friday

Music composed by: Nathan Coppens 

Narration voiced by: Erika McFadden Supported by

There was a project I’d been putting off for a few YEARS. A book of illustrations and accompanying affirming words of courage for my daughter.

Every moment I worked on it was a gift to myself, the process of DOING it was good for my soul. It helped my concentration. It brought me moments of peace and joy. As each section was completed, I felt a sense of accomplishment at a time when I truly needed it. I made it with the intention that it will do the same for you and your loved ones.

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In addition to the book you have the option of also purchasing a personalized illustration of a loved one in your life. You provide us with a picture of this loved one and Kristi will paint a picture of them that is similar to the last page of the eBook. The personalized illustration is on a 8x11 watercolour paper that can be framed as a keepsake. 

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Watch for 2 more e-books coming in 2021!

Responses to Through the Woods of Life

"It's really beautiful, and such a lovely work of art to have around, these days in particular."

– Gordon Portman

"I wanted to say this is just beautiful. You have a talent as an illustrator!"

- Heather Morrison


"This is gorgeous."

– Amy Harrison

"This is so beautiful and so tender. I love it! Congratulations on this project of your heart. It's an important acknowledgment of the parts of life that feel painful and which cause us to grow. I know it will bring solace and comfort and inspiration to many people!"

– Claire Lautier